If It Ain’t Broke, Break It

Learning how to master your money sometimes means looking at the world from a different perspective.

Many years ago years I was reading a magazine article when I fell upon the line, “If it ain’t broke, break it.” I have no idea what publication it was in, nor even the slightest clue of the general essence of the article. But the gist of that one phrase has stuck with me.

We were all brought up (I’m guessing) under the principle of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The crux of the phrase is, of course, if you’ve got a routine, a behavior, a belief, a “thing” that works perfectly well for you there’s no need to change that winning combination. That principle is easy enough to appreciate.

Money mastery

Break It!

But then, what if that “thing” you have is working fine and dandy but isn’t necessarily taking you to the next level? You may certainly feel comfortable but perhaps you don’t feel that you are growing.

Maybe you’re seeing some career progression, more peace of mind, bigger muscles, whatever. But what if “not breaking it” simply feeds into beliefs that limit you and don’t challenge you? What if it prevents you from truly being the person you were meant to be by just acting as a comfort blanket? What if your ability to become “rich” rather than simply “comfortable” or “not poor” is being held back by you doing the same old, same old?S

Sometimes You Need to Break Things to Get Ahead

Then, it’s time to be creatively destructive.

Maybe it’s not much of an issue for you as you’re quite happy with how your life and your finances are at the moment. It’s not for everyone and changing a formula that serves its purpose is counter to a lot of what we’ve been taught.

But sometimes we get that itch which we just don’t know how to scratch. Sometimes you know deep down that something can, and should, be reviewed and improved. Something needs to break.

Your financial picture might not necessarily be painful, it might not even be that uncomfortable. But you just know there’s something that needs to be addressed – eventually, and hopefully not too late. For example, maybe you know you should be focusing on investing towards your longer-term future or kids’ education, rather than getting comfortable with putting a bit of money away in your deposit account.

Yes, you may be paying off your credit card monthly and not taking on any foolish financial risks, but are you actually getting ahead.

Something, somewhere is speaking to you. “I need to do more,” is the statement that keeps coming back to you. It’s an awareness of this that first gets people thinking, then questioning and then acting.

Complacency is Dangerous…

It’s like a small business owner who gets a sense of his products’ mortality and chooses to reinvent its proposition in order to survive over the long term. Perhaps it’s like the supervisor who fell into a job that was “quite nice”, earns a reasonable salary and has a pleasant wife, yet wakes up one day and thinks, “But….”

The thoughts and feelings can manifest in all manner of ways. Mastering money and an ability to generate more in the future can certainly be part of it. Corporations look to reinvigorate themselves all the time, and certainly before it’s too late. So why not us with our lives and our finances?

Evaluate Where You Are

A lot of change comes out of circumstances, some good and some less so. Some of that change comes from having to fix something that is broken. Sometimes change starts with an itch. If you’re feeling that itch and you keep thinking about your financial situation, take an honest look at your financial picture

Do you need more skills to master your finances? Have you got a good grasp of what you want your money story to look like? It’s time to start asking yourself some questions about what you’re doing with your money and what you can do to improve it.

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