Bitcoin – Buy or Sell. Depends

Bitcoin. Is it time to buy? Is it time to sell?

In truth, I don’t know but I’m more of a traditional investor that likes to understand what I’m buying, so it’s not my thing really.

That said, I tried to buy some last August, failed to get accepted on the trading platform in question and have since taken a good cold shower and never returned to the idea again.bitcoin

And that’s part of the game. We’re all driven by the fear and greed behind our money choices and however rational we think we are, we’re all vulnerable to those moments of weakness / excitement / craziness / delusion.

What I am a little more troubled by is the emergence of “experts” that have only jumped onto the bandwagon in the last few months. Don’t get me wrong, some of them will be learned enough to add value. But I found myself opening an email from a guy I subscribed to and was slightly disturbed.

I signed up for his personal development insights and over the months I got a fair bit of value. On this fateful day, I opened it up as usual only to find a narrative screaming “Buy Bitcoin!!!!”. There was also a link to a webinar. So I clicked on it and listened. And listened some more. And then I unsubscribed.

He was great on the warm and fuzzy stuff, but when it came to cryptocurrencies he really didn’t know what he was talking about and was doubling down on a poor hand. Find tried and trusted sources that have a track record and learn from that.

Don’t get sucked in by any Jonny Come Lately.

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