Why Paper Coupons Still Work in an Online World

Even in the era of Extreme Couponing, you would have thought that paper coupons would have been on the way out by now. After all, we’re all increasingly living and thriving online these days. But marketers are still able to rely on people to use paper coupons over digital alternatives for a number of reasons:

Newspapers Still Live

Firstly, despite all the projections about newspapers over recent years, reports of their death have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, you’re seeing more and more online versions but you’re not seeing them disappear. If anything, you’re seeing more newspapers distributed for free. So marketers can reach a huge range of people by targeting the population through a local newspaper. And with newspapers come coupons to clip.

We Don’t All Have Smartphones

While a lot of us do have smartphones that allow scanners to scan offer details, not everyone does. And this is particularly relevant for those at the more economically-challenged end of society that invariably rely on coupons. You also have to have the retailers on side with the scanning hardware. And from their perspective, who wants to pay the extra cost when you don’t need to?

We Still Love Paper Coupons

We just can’t get enough of the stuff! Globally, there’s been a big push for ‘paperless’ communication, where you receive statements via email, for example. But we are still a long way from existing in a paperless world. People like to hold coupons – having one in your hand is effectively like holding cash. And we’re not yet in a space where we can do without carrying cash in our pocket. And for those that are forced to print a digital coupon out, where’s the fun in that? It’s just not clipping…

So Will This Last?

That all said, our world is increasingly becoming more digital. It’s just the way society is evolving and consumer behaviour will come to reflect that. So it’s only a matter of time before paper coupons become a thing of the past. But in the meantime, keep clipping away!

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