Donkeys Kill More Than Planes

Yep, I’m sure you’ve lost many hours of sleep thinking about this (allegedly) true but not talked about fact. Annually, there are more deaths associated with donkeys than there are people experiencing airplane fatalities.

To be honest, I don’t even know whether this fact is correct or an urban myth. The story has been doing the rounds for years and it kind of sounds pretty good in one of those “weird but true” narratives. Even if it hasn’t been proven, if you dig around a little, no doubt there’s enough to hypothesize that it’s a plausible¬†scenario.

The thing is, too often we stare at what we see as more obvious considerations and focus on the “planes” in life. The fear of flying is all about the potential risk involved. What if it crashes? What if it gets hijacked? What if there’s a malfunction? And yet we don’t take a blind bit of notice of those cute and furry beasts.

Okay, I’m oversimplifying and meandering.

The point is so many investors are worried about their shares in Netflix (personally, I would be too, but that’s another story), worried about the bitcoins they bought, worried that 10-year Treasury yields are knocking around 3%, worried about the pace at which the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates. And yet they still haven’t got to grips with paying off the mountain of debt on their credit card, they still spend more than they earn, and they still haven’t saved money for a rainy day.

It’s easy to get caught up in the headlines pitched by the financial media¬†when really you should be getting to grips with those simple factors in your life that you can control. Sometimes we find ourselves worrying about the high stakes, sexier stories (the planes) and forgetting that the stuffy, less-considered elements (the donkeys) could actually be more harmful to you.

Make sure you keep your eyes on the right prize.


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