Managing Your Money – By Experimenting

I was listening to a Seth Godin podcast yesterday and had an epiphany.

For some time now I’ve been thinking about how to develop this site. Thinking, planning, contemplating. But there was no “doing”.

And then Seth got me thinking. He does a daily blog and has done so for decades (well, pre-blogs it was an email newsletter). He didn’t think about SEO, he didn’t think about what to sell, he didn’t think about branding. He just thought about getting his message out and allowing it to evolve over time. Some of his thinks would be poor, some of it would be excellent. But ultimately it was about developing his craft through practice. Day after day practice.Money

So I’ve decided to think more like that. Don’t think about having the site perfectly optimized for Google. Don’t get caught up trying to have all the ducks in a row. Don’t think that you have to write a 3,500-word tome to get ranked highly by the algorithms.

Simply get down to it. I won’t be blogging on a daily basis. But I will be more regular. And it will be less clinical and sterilized. It will simply be me throwing out some thoughts on money and finance and personal development rolled into one.

Will it make me a “shedload of money” (as we like to say in the UK)? Probably not. But it will help me sharpen my thinking about money in a way that can, at the very least, be helpful to me. And hopefully to readers too.

And in a way, that’s how you should think about money. Stop looking for perfectionism because A) That doesn’t exist, and B) If it did, how boring a life that would be!

You all know the drill anyway. Spend less than you earn. Put money away money for a rainy (or stormy) day. Invest as early and as much as you can. So get started. Start experimenting.

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